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16 May Nonprofit’s mission is to encourage smart growth policies

In April, the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce launched its open-for-business branding initiative — Palm Beach North: Florida’s Prosperity Coast. As someone who grew up here — and who spent years serving north county as a county commissioner — I support and applaud the chamber’s efforts. But it’s also important to point out that the very assets and resources that draw people to north county are under increasing attack, and we need to preserve them. North county’s cherished assets — featured in the chamber’s video — are our green spaces, natural areas, clean waters, sand and sea. The video touts...

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09 May Massive developments to transform Northlake

By Sarah Peters Courtesy of The Palm Beach Post The transformation of the rural western end of Northlake Boulevard into a traffic-choked, eight-lane boulevard is poised to begin. After years of false starts, three giant developments promise to draw so many drivers that in 20 years, when all the homes are supposed to be built, traffic might overwhelm western Northlake even if it is as wide as Okeechobee Boulevard. Already, traffic bottlenecks are a morning ritual on the four-lane road, and at less-traveled hours, unchecked drivers turn the road into a dangerous speedway. But the vision for the future is an eight-lane boulevard with development...

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04 May Would Avenir development lessen flooding chances in PB Gardens?

Courtesy of The Palm Beach Post Avenir conservation area could complete water flow, natural area restoration in northern PBC Chatter: The Avenir property is adjacent to Mecca Farms, and looking at them together could get water flowing to where it needs to be - the Loxahatchee River. Avenir is also between Palm Beach County’s Sweetbay Natural Area and Hungryland Slough, which have been restored. Pointer text: Please point out the Avenir property and Mecca Farms (shown on attached graphic) and the Sweetbay Natural Area and Hungryland Slough. The proposed 3,250-home Avenir development comes with more than 2,400 acres, or half the...

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19 Dec Smart growth is incompatible with mindless sprawl

It is both frustrating and disappointing to see municipal and county decision-makers allow sprawling growth to occur, and in all the wrong places. The Post article from Dec. 9, “Gardens planning panel backs massive project,” is the latest example of a developer getting a green light for zoning changes that will forever alter the character of our county’s landscape....

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