Sustainable Palm Beach County

Protect. Preserve. Sustain.

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Who We Are

Sustainable Palm Beach County is a nonpartisan, nonprofit citizen’s group working to ensure that our County’s future holds the best of what we cherish today.

About Sustainable Palm Beach County

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is a balance of environmental protections and economic development that allows Palm Beach County residents to continue to enjoy the quality of life that keeps us here.

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Palm Beach County By The Numbers


2015 Palm Beach County Population Estimate vs. 576,758 in 1980


Residential Permits Issued in 2014 vs 1,506 in 2010


Number of U.S. states with a population less than Palm Beach County's

Palm Beach County Postcards

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Photo Credit: Palm Beach County ERM

Our Team

Karen Marcus

Karen Marcus

Chip Block

M.J. "Chip" Block

vice president