08 Mar Sustainable PBC board member Lisa Interlandi receives prestigious Emerald Award from Girl Scouts of South Florida given for being an exceptional role model for young women

Meet our 2019 Emerald Awardees: Four incredible women who are paving the way for our girls to become leaders and advocates in South Florida and beyond!

Since 2017, GSSEF has centered our brand on the power of the G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker and Leader) and every day we see our Girl Scouts unleash their inner G.I.R.L. to make amazing things happen! This year we are honoring four outstanding women in Palm Beach County at the 2019 Emerald Awards, who truly represent what it means to be a G., an I., an R. and an L. But what do those little letters really represent?

Lisa is the Executive Director of Everglades Law Center, a not-for-profit law firm dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Everglades ecosystem. As Executive Director, Lisa oversees all of the Everglades Law Center’s programs and strategic direction. Lisa is an attorney and member of the Florida Bar. Her legal practice focuses on implementation of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, environmental policy advocacy, as well as land use and environmental permitting decisions that impact the Everglades and the surrounding environment.

Before joining the Everglades Law Center, Lisa served as Assistant General Counsel with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in Tallahassee where she focused on state lands and natural resource litigation. Lisa has received awards for her environmental advocacy, including the Everglades Coalition George M. Barley Conservationist of the year in 2006 and with the Everglades Law Center, the President’s Award from the Florida Wildlife Federation in 2017.

It takes a person with strong values and confidence to stand up for what is right, which is why Lisa is a perfect example of a true Risk-taker. Her history of environmental advocacy may not have been the easiest of paths to travel, but Lisa has embraced the challenge and through her life-long efforts created real change for the Everglades. Lisa’s courageous choice to spend her time breaking the mold to protect our environment is proof that Risk-takers have what it takes to change the world!

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