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Photo Credit: Palm Beach County ERM

George T. Webb

George T Webb photo

George T. Webb, a Palm Beach County native, retired Fall 2017 as Palm Beach County Head Engineer. All of the County’s roads, bridges and buildings were in his vast portfolio, but his main charge, was a basic one: “keep the traffic flowing, a task made all the more challenging by development pressures that nearly doubled the County’s population from 871,500 when he took the job in 1991,” wrote reporter Joe Capozzi in a lengthy Palm Beach Post profile.

Webb, a graduate of University of Florida, worked for the County for nearly three decades. He is known for having a keen analytical ability (fellow employees called him “Spock”) as well as being able to brilliantly explain complex issues to non-engineers. “George would do ‘show and tell’ at Commission Meetings,” says Karen Marcus, retired Commissioner and President, Sustainable Palm Beach County. “Once he brought an empty pitcher and glasses of water to demonstrate how certain proposed projects would increase traffic. He poured the water into the pitcher until it overflowed to demonstrate the impact of increased traffic flow. He could always articulate engineering concepts in ways others couldn’t. He was skilled at giving us the necessary tools and information to make the best decision for County residents.”

George foresees a not-so-distant future with driverless cars. He has participated in the Federal Highway Administration’s Connected Vehicle program to explore that future for more than a decade. “Transportation is going to change in next 15 years, but for the life of me I am not sure in what direction,” George muses.

County residents appreciate George’s commitment to sustainable growth. “We are thrilled to add George’s considerable expertise to our Board,” says Marcus.